Due to the news and popular media outlets Mexico has recently gotten a bad rap when it comes to safety. In reality, like anywhere else in the world, if you’re smart and well informed its completely safe. But, just in case you’re still nervous before your big trip, we’ve out together 3 major tips to do with Playa Del Carmen Safety.


1. Don’t Bring Valuables with You.  There is no reason to be flashing your “bling” all over Mexico. The bottom line is that you’re better off just leaving it at home or in the hotel safe that you’re staying at. If you HAVE to bring it out with you just be careful and keep it tucked in as much as possible. There’s nothing worse than an American tourist flaunting their wealth.


2. Mexico Travel Safety WalletInvest in a Money Belt. This one almost goes hand in hand with number one. Although not the best fashion statement, a money-belt could be a life-saver. Use credit cards as much as possible but if you have to bring paper money keep it under your clothes in a money-belt. Back-up travels checks can still be a good idea also. Speaking of cash and money try to use ATM’s in public places if you need to get cash out. Also, be smart and take money out during the day as opposed to nighttime.



3. Blend In!  This one should really be considered number one because its an easy one thatmany people neglect. Try your best to blend in as much as possible. Its an unfortunate truth that some foreigners are just waiting for a clueless American tourist to come along. Act like you’ve traveled before and be respectful of other people culture. Tip: Try to get directions at your hotel so you’re not looking at a map in public places.