Travel to the Yucatan and let the stress of a busy life fall from your soul. Explore the Maya culture, relax on the sandy beaches or delight in the underground rivers and cenotes. Relax and enjoy this friendly peaceful place but don’t let go of your common sense. Be aware of the following five safety tips for Yucatan Travel.

1. Topes:
Mexico Travel Car Filling UpIf you are driving in Mexico keep a wary eye out for the speed bumps (Topes) on the outskirts of town and on the streets of villages in the Yucatan. They are clearly marked by road signs and are designed to slow you down before your reach heavily populated areas. If you hit these bad boys at high speed you could be in serious trouble.

2. Other Driving Tips:

Driving in the Yucatan is not for the fainthearted and if you want a stress free holiday it may best that your avoid it. If can’t resist the challenge, make sure you have travel and car insurance and be aware that a car wreck is a criminal offense in Mexico irrespective of who’s at fault.

3. Animals:

Crocodiles, lizards, scorpions, spiders and snakes all love the Yucatan as much as you do, so be careful. Stay on well worn tracks and avoid touching things that you shouldn’t. For more detailed information on Yucatan wildlife check out this website here

4. Pickpockets:

Be aware of pickpockets in crowded places. Be especially wary on crowded buses. Pickpockets often work in groups to confuse travelers and will carry razor blades to cut straps and slit open bags and pockets.

5. Gas Stations:

There are several reports of travelers getting ripped off at gas stations. Firstly, make sure that if you fill up with regular fuel that you are not charged the premium price. Also when you pull into a station make sure you get out and check that the pump is set to zero before your vehicle is filled.

In summary, the Yucatan is an exotic and wonderful place to travel but each travel destination has its own snares and pitfalls. Make sure you follow the gold travel rule and give a trusted friend a copy of your itinerary before your leave.

                Yucatan Travel Guide