best exercises - lift things upIt’s never too early (or too late) to start working on your beach body for spring break. Since you’ll most likely being wearing your swim suit non-stop, it’s time to get your body in shape. The best exercises for getting your body ready for spring break doesn’t require a large space or tons of expensive equipment. Using your own body weight to burn fat and tone muscles is ideal for a total-body workout.



best exercises - plankPlanking is your best friend if your goal is to tone your core. Ditch the sit-ups and crunches which are so limited and find a space will a little soft cushioning. Prop yourself up on your forearms so your elbows and hands are on the ground. Your elbows should be shoulder length apart. Hold your back completely straight in this position for 10 to 15 seconds until you feel the burn in your core. Give yourself a short break then repeat. To intensify this workout, put your self in the plank position then lift your butt into the air and hold it there for a few seconds before returning back to your original position. Increase the time in which you hold the plank and the number of reps as you get stronger in order to keep the fat burning and toning going.


best exercises - burpeeTo complement the plank, high-intensity Burpees will get your heart pounding and build muscle all over your body. Start in a squatting position with your hands on the floor and kick your feet back so you are in a push-up position. Complete one push-up then jump your feet back to the squatting position. Now jump up off the floor as high as you can before returning to the squat and kicking back out into the push-up.


best exercises - supermanIt’s important to work your back when you’re toning your core. The best exercise to do this is the Superman.” Lay on your stomach with your arms outstretched and your legs together. Lift your arms and legs so you’re resting on only your stomach and hold for 10 to 15 seconds then repeat. You should feel your back muscles start to burn as you do more reps.


This routine will help burn fat and tone muscles that are critical for a stunning beach-ready body. Complete this routine three to five times per week to start seeing results. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be ready for a killer spring break. Then, contact us at Go Blue Tours to pick your spring break destination!