Looking for the best places to experience Cozumel Fly Fishing? Then Anglers flat is definitely the place to be. Located on the north side of Cozumel Island, Anglers flat is inclusive of coves, three large mangroves, flats and shallow waters that make it the perfect destination for those who are looking to have the best Cozumel fly fishing time.

There are three lagoons found in the Anglers flat have lady fish, baby snook, bonefish, jacksnapper, Barracuda and even small shark. With such variety, you can be guaranteed to have the best time at Anglers flat. Even better is that between the months of March and December, you are permitted to catch some big weight fish going up to 25 pounds.  As you can already imagine, this is a heaven for those who love such sporting as fly fishing.

So when is the best time to visit this island and what fish are abundant at the time? Well, you can find bonefish throughout the year in Cozumel. These are found in the lagoons. Still, the water temperature sometimes has a major effect on the behaviors of the fish and affects their habitat patterns. Therefore, in the case that you are looking to fly fish for bonefish during the summer, you should consider fishing early in the morning or late in the evening when it is cool enough for the fish.

If you have ever gone fly fishing in any other destination, then you must have realized that the transport also counts a lot. At Anglers flat, you will be provided with Yamaha boats that have the best safety equipments to ensure you are safe throughout your fishing session. In addition, ensure you do carry along with you wading boots that are short, tennis shoes, dive boots and a pair of polarized sun glasses. With these you are assured of having the best Cozumel fly fishing experience ever.

Regardless of the season, Cozumel fly fishing at Anglers flat is always guaranteed to be worth your money and time. To top it all off, Carlos, a native of Cozumel will be present to guide you to the best spots and give you some few pointers on how best to fly fish.