We here at Go Blue fully support all efforts to save the environment, to eliminate additional air and water pollution, and anything and everything that will help improve Earth.  That’s not the “Green” we’re talking about.  We’re talking about St. Patrick’s Day in Boston and the planet’s largest pub crawl!

Boston'S Irish Pub ChallengeHelp us us get into the Guinness Book of World Records for Largest Pub Crawl!


Mark your calendar,  March 9, 2013.  There are 30 pubs in Boston’s famous Faneuil Hall, 50 pub crawl teams, over 5,000 people, and a lot of beer.  How does it work?  First, go to IrishPubChallenge.com and sign up for a team.  On March 9, you’ll go to your check in bar, get your schedule, and start the party.  You’ll travel from bar to bar with the rest of your team, using an app to check-in to the pub you’re at.  The pubs on your schedule are worth more points, but we’ll be sure to give you some points for any bonus pubs you hit as well. We’ll give awards to both the top team (number of participants + pubs checked into) and the individual with the most points.

Not only will this be a fantastic day of fun for all participants, we will be helping do good in the world.  A portion of all ticket sales will be going to two different charities, Cops for Kids with Cancer and The Leary Firefighters Foundation.

Think you can make it to all of the pubs?  We don’t advise having a drink at each one, but we do encourage you to visit as many as possible.  Run by our parent company, Tenon Tours who also offers custom trips to Ireland, this is an annual event people of Boston don’t want to miss.


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Boston's Irish Pub Challenge Boston's Irish Pub ChallengeBoston's Irish Pub Challenge




Boston's Irish Pub ChallengeBoston's Irish Pub Challenge

Boston's Irish Pub Challenge