Planning the Perfect Graduation Trip

Planning the perfect graduation trip can be difficult, especially for graduating seniors who may need approval from their parents or guardians. But it isn’t impossible. Graduation trips are a marvelous way to reward all the student’s hard work and spend some good quality time with them after high school is over. Taking a graduation trip […]

Tips On Planning A Spring Break With A Large Group

Tips On Planning A Spring Break With A Large Group: Spring break is an often chaotic time when many students travel without a clear Spring Break plan. Taking a large group on spring break can be a lot of fun however, it is not always easy. Creating a budget, deciding who will go where, booking […]

Top Hotels for Spring Break 2022 In Cancun

Spring Break In Cancun 2022 Oasis Cancun Lite – Cancun, MX Grand Oasis Cancun Lite is one of the best hotels to stay at in Cancun if you want to party all day and night. This hotel has a stage where they have various performances each night such as DJ’s, live bands, contests, and more. […]

Top 5 tips for traveling to Cancun on a Budget

Top 5 tips for traveling to Cancun on a Budget: Cancun is among one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations. The destination has seen a meteoric rise in tourism growth since the 1990s due to its tropical beaches. But those looking for an affordable vacation don’t need to compromise luxury; you can still enjoy a […]

How to Plan the Ultimate Spring Break

How To Plan The Ultimate Spring Break for 2021: Spring break vacations are what many young adults look forward to after the end of a long winter season. While these mid-semester vacations are seen as almost essential, they do require planning to ensure that they are still affordable on a tight budget and enjoyable. Instead […]

What to Pack For Spring Break – Spring Break Packing list

What to pack for Spring Break: The semester is over and you know what this means; an end to all the essays, quizzes and end-term papers that were stressing you out. This also paves way for spring break and all the fun activities such as hiking and fun at the beach. However, before you take […]

Is it safe to travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Travelers around the globe have been trapped at home for months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Browsing through old travel photos and postcards has only made the wanderlust grow stronger. “Is it safe to travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic” It’s safe to say we’re ready for stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions to end, and with […]

Top 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations

Top 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations Are you looking forward to throw an unforgettable bachelor’s party before the wedding? Then you must think about visiting one of the most prominent destinations available for throwing a bachelor party! It should offer a comfortable environment to you by throwing the party, with great food and unforgettable nightlife experiences. […]

10 Cheap Spring Break Destinations

Curious where to go for Spring Break 2021? Need ideas? Want recommendations? Check some cheap Spring Break destinations for this Spring Break 2021. 10 Best Cheap Spring Break 1. Cancun Cancun has always been a top Spring Break destination. Home to MTV Spring Break 2019, Cancun continues to bring thousands and thousands of Spring Breakers there every year. […]

Top 10 RIU Hotels & Resorts For Vacations

Top 10 RIU Hotels & Resorts: Here at Go Blue Tours, we love visiting and sending our travelers to the RIU Hotels & Resorts for its outstanding customer service. RIU Hotels & Resort have been around since 1953, offering a wide variety of all-inclusive hotels around the Caribbean and more! In fact hey now stand […]

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