Welcome back from your Spring Break trip. ¬†Hopefully you followed our Spring Break DOs and DON’Ts and took a lot of Spring Break pictures and Spring Break videos. Hopefully you didn’t break, lose, spill a drink on, bury in the sand or leave your phone/camera in your hotel safe. If your phone/camera survived, what do you do with all those pictures and videos.


Step 1 – Delete all photos and videos you don’t want anyone to see. It was Spring Break, there are some bad (or really good) ones that are for your eyes only. Take a mental picture and delete. You won’t be happy to do it, but you will never regret not doing it.


Step 2 – Pick your best Spring Break pictures and Spring Break videos and share them online.

Post your best Spring Break pictures on our Facebook wall.

Upload your favorite Spring Break videos to Youtube, email us the link (tours@gobluetours.com), and we’ll add as a favorite to the Go Blue YouTube Channel.


Step 3 РWhen the weather gets crappy again, and it will, go back, look at your Spring Break pictures and videos, reminisce,  and book a trip for next year!


Extra Special Bonus – If you haven’t gone yet, get out your smartphone and download the SpinCam App. It’s fun, it’s cheap, and it will help you captures some moments like below.

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