How to plan a Fall Break Trip For College Students

What is Fall Break?  Fall break For College Students How to plan a Fall Break Trip For College Students: When the hot blaze of the summer months finally give way to the cooler season of fall, it is an ideal time for college students to enjoy a getaway. Around the middle to end of October, […]

The Best Spots to See Celebrities in Cabo

Got stars in your eyes for this year’s spring break? Set your sights for Cabo San Lucas. This resort city has quickly become a popular destination to catch a glimpse of the rich and famous. Here are some of the best places you can look for them on your paparazzi spring break adventure.   The Tourist Corridor […]

Top 5 Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

You’re getting ready for your Cabo San Lucas spring break vacation and you’re wondering what the most exciting activities are that the city has to offer. Aside from the amazing food and the great drinks, there’s many unique things to do in Cabo that will make your vacation an adventure.   1. Parasailing Hop on a water […]

The Must-Go Restaurants of Cancun, Punta Cana, and Cabo

An important aspect of travel is taking in new experiences. Especially when it comes to trying local tastes. We know that you have a ton of exciting adventures and activities planned for your Spring Break down south, but it’s important to take time out to enjoy the local flavors and exquisite tastes of region’s authentic […]

How to Survive Being the Lone Spring Breaker

Your friends decided to be lame and stick close to home for Spring Break. You’ve been saving every dollar and eating noodles to get to Cabo San Lucas. There’s no reason you shouldn’t go! By having the time of your life and sharing it with your friends, they will be the ones green with envy and […]

3 Reasons why Cabo San Lucas is a Must Visit!

When it comes to spring break trips and other vacations, Mexico is a great choice for Americans looking for sun and sand. When headed south of the border, travelers have a wide variety of options. With all the wonderful destinations, how can you decide where to go?   Here are 3 reasons why Cabo San […]

Plan a fantastic Spring break in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is on the Pacific shores of Mexico, so it’s ideal if you live on the West Coast and want maximum break time and minimum flight time. But it’s also a great choice if you live in the Midwest or East, as it gives you sun and Pacific vibes.   There are so […]