Another Spring Break is almost upon us. The time to go down to Mexico and party like there’s no tomorrow. You can catch the spirit even before leaving, then arrive at the resort in the right frame of mind. To help you in this challenging endeavor, we’ve compiled the top 5 movies that can get anyone into the Spring Break mood.

Revenge of the nerds - Top 5 Movies

1. Revenge of Nerds

This classic ‘80s film pits the jocks against the geeks. Tired of being put down as losers, the nerds begin their own fraternity. Of course, the jocks try to spoil things. Yet, in the end, nerd appeal proves too overpowering. We all fall in love with these humble guys as they get their revenge against the heartless campus jocks.

Girl Happy - Top 5 Movies

2. Girl Happy

Elvis gyrates to the beat in this Spring Break beach party movie. Nothing better to inspire you to reserve that space at the resort.

Passport to Paris - Top 5 Movies

3. Passport to Paris

Cute as buttons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen head to Paris where they fall in love with two French boys. This one’s for all the college ladies.

Cheech and Choong Up in smoke - Top 5 Movies

4. Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke

This is for all the Spring Breakers who, tired from working hard in school, just want to chill out. Cheech and Chong are the ultimate partiers. They head to Mexico in this one, as should you.

Animal House - Top 5 Movies

5. Animal House

The boys of Delta Tau Chi have 0.0 GPAs. They are beyond redemption. Double top-secret probation. Whatever that is! So, why not throw a party?

Hey, hopefully you have better grades than these boys. Nevertheless, let them teach you how to forget about your worries.

The Party Never Stops in Mexico During Spring Break

After watching these films, you’ll be ready to create lasting memories in Cancun, Punta Cana, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas or Playa del Carmen.

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