What is Go Blue Grad?

Go Blue grad is run by Go Blue’s skillful sales, operation and on-site staff teams to bring High School students aged 16-19 to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The students will spend 5 or 7 nights in one of our beautiful resorts beachfront in the famous Puerto Vallarta. The Go Blue Grad program runs from June 6-June 27th. Our On-site staff will assist you and your classmates have an amazing experience. We have plenty of options for your group when it comes to Hotel, Dates, Inclusions, etc. Continue reading to learn and decide the best option for your group.


How it works

After you request information from our page, we will be able to guide you through the steps of planning a perfect trip for your group. The trip is custom, so we will work with you to decide which pieces you want included. We have a handful of options for dates, length of stay, hotels and additional options…Which are up to you whether or not they are a part of your package. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions and piece together your trip.

Trip Options

Flight (Optional) – Flight can be added from any city for any number of group members. Flight prices vary depending on the city and dates.

Transportation (Optional) – Transportation can be added for the price of $34 per passenger. This transfers each student to the Hotel and then back to the Airport at the end of the trip. We will have a Go Blue representative at the Airport to guide you to your hotel and welcome you to beautiful Mexico!

On-Site Staff- The On-Site staff will be there to help the students stay safe and ensure they have a great time

Hotel Accommodations- There are plenty of options when it comes to Hotel accommodations and inclusions. We have options that are All-Inclusive and non all-inclusive. We have 2 hotels we work with to assure you have the best price available. These 2 being Buenaventura, and Las Palmas by the Sea.

If you have another hotel that interests you in Puerto Vallarta, please let us know and we will get you a price for that location.

Excursions (Optional)- We have excursions available for students that range from ATV adventures to snorkeling… See below for more information



There are many excursions to choose from, here are a few examples;

Canopy Tours- 

Canopy tours are an exciting way to see and learn about the varied tropical flora and fauna of the rain forest surrounding Puerto Vallarta. The adrenaline mounts as you ride from treetop to treetop, hovering over the canopy of the lush vegetation of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Atv Tour Canopy River-
Two exciting adventures in one great tour! Combine the aerial thrills of the Rio Cuale River Canopy Tour with the off-road fun of an ATV tour for a half-day excursion that takes you along dirt roads where you can discover a variety of plants, birds and land animals. If you are over 18 years of age and have little or no experience driving All Terrain Vehicles, then this tour is for you. The ATV Tour Canopy River is a fun tour that you will let you have 2 amazing experiences at once.

La Caleta-

Only accessible by sea, Las Caletas is a wonderland where you can relax in hammocks on the beach, swim, kayak, take guided nature walks, visit an exclusive spa, and even Snorkel with Sea Lions!

The underwater coves, nearby natural reef and diverse array of brilliant sea life make this place one of the finest dive sites on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

This is one of the most exiting and popular tour in Puerto Vallarta.

Pirates by the sea-

Be ready to be part of a world of adventure and action including a delicious dinner ! Puerto Vallarta now is host of two authentic Spanish galleons ready to take you to a place where your imagination will be your only limit.

And many more! Request Info  to find out more

Is it Safe to travel to Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is an ideal seaside city for all those who prefer hot weather and beaches of all kinds. This city represents one of the three most important ports in Mexico and is one of the most attractive tourist centers in the nation.

However, for many people, Mexico is not a safe place to travel due to the reports of insecurity announced each year. Emergency cases, disappearances, and deaths can make anyone paranoid, so asking if it’s safe to travel to Puerto Vallarta is pretty much a top priority to all tourists.

The good news for those who want to go to Puerto Vallarta is that this resort may be an exception to the current crime wave that’s surrounding Mexico. There have been few reported cases of violence since five years ago, and the victims of these episodes have been pretty much involved with drug cartels.

The reality is that Puerto Vallarta’s crime rates are low, and more so when compared to cities like Mexico City or New Orleans.

While we have your attention, let’s address the other million dollar question, “Is it safe to drink the water in Mexico?”. If you are at a nice resort, yes. If you are at a small hole in the wall taco stand with 3 donkeys in the kitchen, no.

Deposit/Payment Plan

$100 Deposit per student without flight, $200 with flight

Final payment due 90 days before

Payment plan optional

Request Information