Safe Travels in the Yucatan

What better way to explore the Yucatan than to map your own route? If you’re a fan of flexibility than driving is a perfect option for your trip, it will allow you the freedom to stumble upon a natural phenomenon or villages you may not have found using just public transportation. We know that the thought of driving in a different country can seem a little stressful but if you keep these tips in mind you will be ready to go!

  • The roads in the Yucatan are well maintained, generally flat, and safe. There are a decent amount of speed bumps or Topes, so be sure to look for them and as long as you drive moderately slower over them they won’t give you trouble.
  • All gas stations in the Yucatan are operated by PEMEX, and you will not have a problem coming across one. All gas stations are full serve, and they do expect a small tip.
  • Like any unfamiliar place, be sure you lock your vehicle whenever you park it.
  • Be sure to drive at or under the speed limit, the laws are enforced and being pulled over for speeding will most likely result in a fine.


Mexico has a wonderful roadside assistance service called  the Green Angels. These are auto mechanics in green utility trucks who patrol the major roads. They can provide gas, oil, tire repair and other minor maintenance, as well as arrange towing. They only charge for parts. Their labor is free and they don’t accept tips. They have been operating on Mexican roads since 1960.


Driving in the Yucatan is a recommended choice as long as you keep your normal driving guidelines in mind. By choosing to drive you will be able to customize your own trip and really see what the Yucatan has to offer!



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