It’s Spring Break! The time of your life. No professors, no exams, no rules! But you do have questions, hopefully we answered them all here, if not, email us,

What’s the deal with Party Packages?

If you plan on going our to the nightclubs (you should definitely do this!), getting a party package will save you money and time. You get a better price and don’t have to wait in line. The party packages in each destination are different. Check out our Party Packages here. If you want to add your party package, just log onto your account and you can add and pay for it right there. You can do this up until the day before your trip. After that, you have to buy it when you arrive (it is usually more expensive if you do this.

Want to go for free?

We are looking for spring breakers to shoot footage of their spring break experience. We will select a few applicants from all of our destinations for this opportunity. If selected, we’ll expect you to film your trip, edit together a video, 2-3 minutes in length, and after we receive everything, we will refund your trip IN FULL. Read more about it and find out how to apply here.

When will I get my vouchers/tickets?

About a month or so before your trip, you will get an email letting you know that your vouchers are available. Log onto your account and you will see the option to print them. If you are not paid in full, you will not be able to access your vouchers. You will have a voucher for each and every thing you purchased from us with confirmation numbers. Print out the vouchers and bring with you.

What happens when I arrive? How do I get to my hotel?

When you land in your destination, you’ll have to go through customs, immigration, and luggage before you can leave. Once you clear all of that, if you purchased transfers from us you will see Go Blue Tours representations waiting. Approach them and let them know you are with Go Blue. They’ll have your name and will let you know where to go. At the end of your trip, we will pick you up at your hotel to get you back to the airport/port. There will be a sign in your lobby letting you know when you will be getting picked up.

Anything important I need to know about my hotel?

Every hotel has different policies. Most hotels will requires some sort of security deposit to protect them against guests racking up charges they can’t pay for. In most cases, you can leave a credit card and the deposit is refundable. However, some hotels could require cash and/or have a non-refundable deposit. If this is the case for your hotel, it will be noted on your hotel voucher.

Most hotels have WIFI and Security Boxes, but they are not always included in your stay. Ask at the front desk during check in and they will explain their policies.

What if I need help, will there be someone from Go Blue there?

We do have Spring Break Hosts available in all destinations. You’ll meet them when you arrive to your hotel and they will let you know how to contact them throughout your vacation.

Anything I should or should not do?

DO – drink water, wear sunblock, take pictures, get a party package
DON’T – Buy drugs, sell drugs, smuggle drugs, fight, pee in the street or pool, miss your flight home, rack up roaming charges

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