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We offer an optional party package that works at the 2 most popular clubs in Cabo (Senor Frogs and Mandala) and gives you access to the most popular event of every spring break, the BOOZE CRUISE! Each package works solely for the individual who purchases it. You can use the Senor Frogs and Mandala tickets on any night you want, but the Booze Cruise is only available on the following dates, SUN 3/4, TUES 3/13, TUES 3/20, TUES 3/27. If there is a concert or special event at any of the clubs, there could be an additional fee.

Our Cabo San Lucas Party Package Options (prices for Go Blue Travelers)


2 nights – $109 per person

Booze Cruise and 1 night at Mandala (includes cover and 8 drinks)

3 nights – $149 per person

Booze Cruise, 1 night at Mandala (includes cover and 8 drinks), 1 night at Senor Frogs (includes cover and open bar)


If you want to add a party package, log into your account and you will see the ability to add it. You can add through up until 24 hours before your trip. You can also buy when you arrive, but you have to pay in cash and it is more expensive.

Remember, all of this info is subject to change at the discretion of the nightclubs.

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