Spring Break Party Package CANCUN



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We offer an optional party package that works at the 7 major clubs, The City, Dady’O, Palazzo, Mandala, Mandala Beach Club, La Vaquita, and Senor Frogs. Each package works solely for the individual who purchases it and gets them pre-paid entry, express entry (meaning you don’t wait in line with everyone else), access to the Go Blue section of the club, and open bar. If there is a concert or special event at any of the clubs, there could be an additional fee.

Schedule of Main Events

TUE 3/6/18  –  Deorro at The City
WED 3/7/18  –  Irie at Mandala Beach

TUE 3/13/18  –  Lil Wayne at The City
WED 3/14/18  –  Cash Cash at Mandala Beach

TUE 3/20/18  – Borgore at The City
WED 3/21/18  –  Ruen at Mandala Beach

TUE 3/27/18  –  Lil Jon at The City
WED 3/28/18  –  Erik D-Lux at Mandala Beach

Premium tickets work at all 7 clubs with no additional fees. Premium tickets can be used at Coco Bongo with no additional fee on Sunday Monday, or Tuesday.

Standard tickets work at Dady’O, Palazzo, Mandala, La Vaquita, and Senor Frogs with no additional fee. Standard tickets can be used at The City or Mandala Beach Club any night they are open with an additional fee (amount depends on the night) or at Coco Bongo on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday with a $15 additional fee.

Cancun Party Package Options

(prices for Go Blue Travelers)
3 nights (2 premium, 1 standard) $239 per person
4 nights (2 premium, 2 standard) $309 per person
5 nights (2 premium, 3 standard) $369 per person

If you want to add a party package, log into your account and you will see the ability to add it. You can add through up until 24 hours before your trip. You can also buy when you arrive, but you have to pay in cash and it is more expensive.

party schedule - The City Cancun party schedule - Mandala Beach Club party schedule - Dady O party schedule - Palazzo party schedule - Senor Frogs party schedule - Mandala party schedule - La Vaquita