Ziplining, Jet Skiing, and Parasailing in Playa del Carmen

Spring Break isn’t all about partying and drinking with old and new friends. It’s also about having incredible adventures, and Playa del Carmen offers exciting options that will make you want to return there year after year. What better way to see the rainforest than from above the tree canopy? Just a short ride away from Read More »
September 14, 2016 • Comments (0)

How to Recharge from Midterms and Enjoy Spring Break

Many college students look forward to Spring Break every year. It is their chance to let loose and have fun with their friends away from the college campus setting. However, a lot of professors schedule exams right before Spring Break. While it is nice to have these out of your way so that you can Read More »
September 13, 2016 • Comments (0)

Beyond the Bar: The Food and Culture of Punta Cana

Exploring the beaches of Punta Cana will give you an experience like no other, but when you’re ready to discover more of what the nation has to offer, you won’t be let down either.  From the food to culture of Punta Cana, the country offers unforgettable experiences around every corner.  Let’s explore a little bit Read More »
September 07, 2016 • Comments (0)

Is Cancun Safe for Spring Break Traveling?

Is Cancun Safe? Gang wars, violence, and drug trafficking seem to be the only things that make the news about Mexico these days. Of course, the border towns like Juarez and Tijuana are completely out of control and definitely not recommended for visitors. On the other hand, Fox News reports that Cancun is over 1,400 miles from the Read More »
August 31, 2016 • Comments (0)

Packing Tips to Make Spring Break Simple

Spring break is coming! One of the best times of the year. As you make your vacation plans, it’s important to remember to pack efficiently, especially if you want your suitcase to actually zip shut. Versatility is key! When you’re heading someplace warm, this list should be all you need!   Start with your bathing Read More »
August 29, 2016 • Comments (0)

Who to Bunk with on Spring Break

Spring Break is coming up, and you’re so excited! After all, why wouldn’t you be? You’ve been working hard all semester, and you’re ready to have some fun. You’ll be staying in hotel rooms with some of your best friends when you go on your trip.   \As you may already have experienced with past Read More »
August 17, 2016 • Comments (0)

How to Get a Killer Tan Before Spring Break

Everyone knows that a tan makes anyone look better. Before heading off to Spring Break, make sure you’ve got your tan on. These ideas and products can ensure that you have that bronzed look, from the second you step onto the sand.   Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid & Professional Mitt comes with its own mitt to help Read More »
August 15, 2016 • Comments (0)

9 Safety Tips to Ensure a Worry-Free Spring Break in Cancun

As spring break approaches and you finalize your Cancun travel plans, don’t forget a few key safety tips. A little bit of preparation can help ensure an epic vacation free from any mishaps.   Before your trip Whether you’re going alone or with a group, give someone at home all your travel details and contact information. Read More »
July 27, 2016 • Comments (0)

The Best Party Scenes in Cancun for Spring Break 2020

Cancun is party central for spring breakers. There are nine hot party places not including the beach parties, the street parties – oh heck Cancun is one big party scene!   You should really consider getting the Party Pack which allows you free access (no cover charge) to eight of the hottest clubs, open bar, express entry, Read More »
July 21, 2016 • Comments (0)

Punta Cana has Something for Every Spring Breaker

Punta Cana (The Dominican Republic), is a popular vacation spot for celebrities and spring breakers. Imagine what it would be like to party with a celebrity – AWESOME! Punta Cana has an adventure for everyone, whether you enjoy just kicking back and soaking in the rays on the white sandy beach, while sipping on a Read More »
July 20, 2016 • Comments (0)
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