Explore the Maya at Chichen Itza and Tulum

Spring Break is the time for adventure and enjoying new friends and great times, but if you’re visiting Cancun or Playa del Carmen, consider taking a day trip to visit the Mayan ruins in the area. These can be found at Chichen Itza and Tulum. More than 1,000 years ago the Mayan culture flourished here, Read More »
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How to Survive Being the Lone Spring Breaker

Your friends decided to be lame and stick close to home for Spring Break. You’ve been saving every dollar and eating noodles to get to Cabo San Lucas. There’s no reason you shouldn’t go! By having the time of your life and sharing it with your friends, they will be the ones green with envy and Read More »
May 27, 2016 • Comments (0)

Get Active During Your Cancun Spring Break Vacation

When visiting Cancun for your Spring Break vacation, there are so many physical and recreational activities to do that you could call it the “Cancun Spring Break Fitness Program”! The Oasis Cancun alone has a mind-blowing list of opportunities to “get active,” but break out beyond the resort and you will find a huge playground Read More »
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5 Ways to Prepare for an Epic Spring Break Vacation

Spring break is one of the most exciting times during the college experience. It is one of the first times that many college kids travel with just their friends and are in charge of putting their trip together. While making sure all of the essentials like a passport, chargers, and identification, are in check, there Read More »
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The Best Exercises to Get Your Body Spring Break Ready

It’s never too early (or too late) to start working on your beach body for spring break. Since you’ll most likely being wearing your swim suit non-stop, it’s time to get your body in shape. The best exercises for getting your body ready for spring break doesn’t require a large space or tons of expensive equipment. Using your own Read More »
April 29, 2016 • Comments (0)

Top 3 Spring Break Must-Haves for Traveling

For many students and adults alike, traveling during spring break can be one of the most exciting times of one’s entire year. Especially in the case of leaving the country, the frenzy that often occurs in the days preceding a traveling excursion often leaves the potential for oversight of which materials are and are not Read More »
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Spring Break 2018 Dates – US and Canada

When is my Spring Break? That’s probably the first thing you should figure out when planning a Spring Break vacation. If you get your Spring Break dates incorrect, you’ll still have a great time on the trip. When you get back to school however, and are locked out of the dorms, they reality of your Read More »
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Take Your Dream Vacation at Oasis, Cancun

Going to Mexico and staying at an all-inclusive resort is a treat for anyone. But the Oasis Resort in Cancun sets itself about the rest, especially for spring breakers. At Go Blue Tours, we’ve had some awesome deals for spring break 2016 at Oasis, but while it may be too late to snatch them up, it is never Read More »
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How to Have a Great Spring Break with Fraternities

If you think parties in fraternities are fun, wait until it’s all week long on Spring break. You will be creating memories to last a lifetime, along with soaking up sun, libations, and lovelies.   That said, there are ways you can plan to ensure it’s the best Spring break you’ll ever have.   First, Read More »
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Have the Best Spring Break 2020

Spring Break 2020 is coming up soon! Do you have plans yet? If not, you have to check out Go Blue Tours. We are the perfect source for helping you create a wild spring break you will never forget. We have some awesome spring break destinations for 2020 for you to check out. We specialize Read More »
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