Awesome Day Trips in Cancun

Awesome Spring Break Day Trips in Cancun

Spring break in Cancun is an amazing experience for college students. A week filled with sun, sand, the ocean, and partying, every college student’s dream. However, if you don’t want to be a beach bum for a week, there are plenty of awesome day trips in Cancun you can take.


XCARET - day trips in cancunXcaret has several adventures waiting to happen, located along the Riviera Maya, it is an eco-archaeological park. Whether you love water activities, wildlife, or sightseeing you be delighted by all Xcaret has to offer before is a list of a few things to do while visiting:

  • Snorkel or swim in the beautiful blue lagoon water of the Caribbean
  • If you’re real adventurous you can swim in the subterranean rivers that have limestone caves, wells, and caverns to explore
  • Take a walk through the jungle and watch the monkeys, exotic birds, deer, and other wildlife in its natural habitat.
  • Visit the Mayan Village and learn about the Mayan’s way of life and their rituals.

Swim with Whale Sharks

whale sharks - day trips in cancunThis is a guided tour, so you are never left alone in the water.

  • Swim and snorkel with whale sharks the biggest fish in the world
  • While you’re immersed in the beautiful water look for dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, and a host of other beautiful marine life – bring a waterproof camera, you will definitely want to take pictures!

Swim with the Dolphins

  • swimming with dolphins - day trips in cancunWhat a great way to spend a day, swimming with one of the oceans most beautiful and gentlest animals. Dolphins are also one of the most intelligent marine animals and playful. Dolphins have played a large role in rescuing humans that were in danger in the ocean. Pods of dolphins have been known to form a circle around humans providing protection from curious sharks.
  • This adventure is overseen by a dolphin trainer, so you are never left alone in the water.

Cancun has so much to offer college students during spring break – adventures of a lifetime!

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