Whether you are traveling a few towns over to spend your spring break at the beach or to a foreign country to live it up, you will undoubtedly need to be organized and prepared for an awesome trip. In a time when technology has changed the way we do just about everything, it definitely can lend a hand in the way you travel and enjoy your next spring break trip.



Need to find a local bar to hit up? Looking for the perfect hotel? Yelp is the one stop app to find just about everything and read helpful reviews to make the right choice.


Perfect Tan

When you go on spring break, tanning is an absolute must. This app lets you know the perfect time to lay out in the sun without suffering from a sun burn.


Find My Friends

It never fails that you lose track of your friends when you are on vacation. The Find My Friends app helps you locate your friends in all of the hustle and bustle of vacation.


The Weather Channel

It seems simple but, needing to know if it’s going to rain before you head to the beach is essential. The Weather Channel app will keep you in the know of the weather.



Getting around is important on any vacation. Uber is super easy to use and requires no cash.



Keep your travel plans in order with TripIt. The app collects all of your confirmations to create a perfectly organized itinerary.



Going on vacation is expensive enough. Use the Mint app to keep yourself and your crew on a reasonable budget.



What trip is complete without the perfect soundtrack. Pandora will give you the perfect tracks to rock out during your entire vacation.



Putting together a group chat across different phone systems can be a real drag. With WhatsApp, you are able to send pictures, videos, and messages on 3G or WiFi with Androids and iPhones.



While you likely have the popular photo social media apps, TripColor allows you to keep your vacation photos in an album for easy access.


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