stress free travelSpring Break is your hard-fought chance to let loose and unwind before buckling down for finals. While that finals prep will give you enough reason to stress out, your Spring Break itself should not. Ensure a relaxing getaway with these five tips for stress free travel during your Spring Break.


Book early

Although we have said this many times, we continue to emphasize: Do not wait until the last few weeks to book the vacation of your dreams. As we get closer, we’ve already had a few “Sorry, we have nothing left on that date” conversations. Make plans early, book early, and worry less.


Travel off-peak days

You have a set period of time to travel. I get that. But even a day or two of flexibility on either end of your trip can save you a bundle.


Pack light but inclusively

I avoid checking bags at all costs, so my goal is always to fit everything in my allowed carry-on and personal item. Just make sure you do not pack too light. Sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste, a razor, and all of the other toiletries are essentials, but do you really need six bathing suits and three pairs of shoes?


Make a checklist

I apologize if I sound like your mom, but the easiest way to avoid stressing about your trip is to make sure you have everything. Make a list, and start making it early.


Let your bank know you are traveling

Banks are great these days at detecting potentially fraudulent transactions, and few things raise red flags faster than purchases far outside where you normally travel. Call your bank and credit card companies to let them know you will be traveling, and avoid having your card locked while you are out enjoying yourself.


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