For many young people across the country, spring break is a fun filled, care free time. From the day parties to the nightlife, the entire week long event is an endless cycle of enjoyment. Unfortunately, when you throw alcohol in the mix, you can be left dealing with a hangover that can ruin the rest of your trip. Even in moderation, alcohol can cause hangovers that can literally suck the fun out of your trip. Some partygoers suffer from hangovers even when they drink below their limit. However, there are luckily 5 easy ways to help beat the Spring Break hangover the morning after partying.


Stay hydrated

It sounds easy, right? But so many people get this step wrong or avoid it all together. Before you start an evening of drinking, make sure you have loaded up on hydrating liquids like water (preferable) or a sports drink. While you are drinking, space out each drink to include a glass of water in between. It will help your body process the alcohol easier and avoid the incredible headache that awaits the next day.


Eat, please eat!

Please remember to eat before you head out or while you are drinking. Having alcohol on an empty stomach is probably one of the worst things you can do and will lead to a horrific hangover. Enjoy a hearty meal before you enjoy your drinks.


Avoid alcohol filled with toxins

Turns out that alcohol full of toxins and impurities can make your hangover worse. Clear liquor like vodka and gin have fewer toxins and can lead to a happier morning.


Replenish your vitamins

Pop a vitamin B complex to restore all that you lost the night before when drinking. Alcohol naturally makes you run to the bathroom all night and you lose a lot of your daily vitamins like the important B’s and folate. Restore them the next day with a B vitamin complex.



Sleep is not a cure all but it definitely helps your body replenish, restore, and recover. Make sure you fit in a solid 8 hours of sleep before you start your next day of partying.


Try not to drink too much over spring break, but these tips should help if it happens.

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