Upon traveling to Acapulco all you tend to hear is,

Be careful,”

Watch where you’re going,”

Don’t go anywhere alone.”

Nobody mentioned the beautiful landscapes, the delicious food, or the friendly people that I would encounter along the way. On the ride from the airport to La Costera (the main avenue), where many hotels are located, you’re immediately immersed in the culture.. From street taco stands, to vendors selling souvenirs, to the coconuts falling from the trees. On the drive, you see the landscape of Acapulco for the first time, looking out over Acapulco Bay and all the houses and hotels that are located around it.


La Costera is a mixture of tourism and culture, with hotels and a 24 hours market to get handmade souvenirs, mixed in with local food shops, Oxxo’s, and businesses. After all, a huge part of the experience of going to a different country is taking in the culture of that country. Immediately we were greeted with smiles and friendly hotel staff as we got to the hotel, checked in, and went up to the room. Playa Suites is a great hotel for a group of people, as the rooms are suite style with a bedroom, living room (with pull out couch), balcony, and bathroom. There are 18 floors, each with a better view of the bay than the next. The hotel is made up of 2 towers, with a pool directly between the two.


Just a quick walk and you’re feet are in the sand, staring at the clear blue water. All around you see people enjoying their time, as the weather is not beatable. Everyday was 85-90 with what felt like barely any humidity… the ideal vacation weather. For dinner, you can leave the property and walk up the street if you want. All along La Costera are restaurants owned by locals, all of which have great food. Barbarohas, a pirate themed restaurant, has both food and fun and is right next to a bungee jump that tourists can do.



There are two main nightclubs, Palladium and Baby’O. Both of these should definitely be added to the list of things to see while here. Palladium was the first stop. Located on top of a cliff, it’s floor to ceiling glass windows allow you to look out over the bay and see all the lights from the houses and hotels across the water. Every hour or so they blow a horn, and a different scenario occurs: sparklers behind the glass window, light machine moving from the ceiling, intense music playing. It’s a mixture of Spanish and American music, making it a great place for dancing! Next night, it was Baby’O, the other popular club in Acapulco. This one is much smaller, located on La Costera, in the appearance of a cave. Both are a lot of fun, getting really crowded and everyone dancing and singing along to the music.


Acapulco was nothing that I thought it was going to be, it was better: The food, views, people, everything made it a great trip and I do recommend it to everyone.


Written by Kelsey McKenna



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