lone spring breaker - destination, cabo san lucasYour friends decided to be lame and stick close to home for Spring Break. You’ve been saving every dollar and eating noodles to get to Cabo San Lucas. There’s no reason you shouldn’t go! By having the time of your life and sharing it with your friends, they will be the ones green with envy and you’ll be red from the sun of five unforgettable days.


lone spring breaker - the lone spring breakerDon’t be afraid of new people. You could have a conversation on the plane that makes the entire trip, not to mention the opportunities once you arrive at your destination. From the hotel lobby, through the elevator rides, and the sparkling beach, pretend you’re a lone wolf on the prowl. You can be the one that begins the conversations. We can all spot people of similar interest. Whether you notice a book they’re lugging to their sunbathing chair or the fact that they enjoy the same activities as you, turn it into a conversation starter. You can’t spend the money for the trip of a lifetime only to coop yourself away in the corner or in your hotel room.


lone spring breaker - cabo wabo clubYou will also be surprised how inviting people are. It could be the staff or the other Spring Breakers, but in Cabo San Lucas the friendliness is plentiful. Take advantage of it! Ask around, see where tonight’s hotspot is. You could find yourself at Cabo Wabo’s with a group in no time. The experience of new things, cultures, and people will give you tons of stories and great memories. You could even take a night to yourself and enjoy a sunset adventure that’s all yours. Just make the best of your well-earned vacation.


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