What separates college students from the rest of the lot? Their willingness to party hard and get the most out of their limited vacations! Ask any adult in your close circle and they would agree that the parties they had during their college life still stand out due to the sheer recklessness and fun they had in them.

College life, just like everything else in this world, is finite. You cannot remain a college student for all your life and will surely not have the option to party like you do in college ever again.

The Spring Break is one time of the year when students across the country are looking for options to spice up their vacations. The academic load is finally off their shoulders, and they can rejoice over the summers, before they go back for the next semester.

Now, while there are numerous options that you can opt for to enjoy the period off from academics, none can parallel the fun of college spring break cruises.

With partying being all that will be on your head during the spring break, here we have a list of the best spring break cruises for 2020, to make planning easier. Imagine being surrounded by the constant loop of blue waves shuddering against the steel of the ship, as you frolic across the deck to make the most out of your stay. The opportunities are endless; paralleled by no other option.

4-Night Mexico Cruise from Long Beach (Carnival)

Heading on a spring break cruise from Long Beach is a fairly picturesque prospect. You get to seep in the glory of the sun and the tranquil water, as the cruise sails on towards the exotic islands of Mexico. The spring break party cruise will depart on the 2nd of March, 2020 and will cost under $220 per person for an interior cabin. The cruise will include stops in Catalina and Ensenada, both of which are known for their amazing culinary delights and beaches. It might not be the biggest ship around, but considering the price, it surely is good bang for your buck.

3-Night Mexico Cruise from Long Beach (Carnival)

If you’re not in for a 4 night commitment, than this 3-nights cruise is the perfect deal for you. This cruise sails forward from Long Beach, going over to Ensenada, Mexico and back. This is an ideal opportunity to let loose for those who aren’t in for the long run. The spring break party cruise sails out on the 12th of March and has a price of $254 per person for an interior cabin. March is usually a busy time for cruise, which is why prices are inflated.

3-Night Bahamas Cruise from Miami (MSC)

If you can somehow make it to the Miami area for booking your cruise, then you will be hosted to multiple inexpensive options. This 3-night cruise from Miami to the Bahamas is perfect for those on a tight budget. The cruise might have a short time period, but it includes two stops in Nassau and Ocean Cay. The trip will leave Miami aboard the MSC Divinia, which is in itself a wonderful ship. The interior room is crazy cheap, and is a steal at $169 per person. This is the cheapest 3 day cruise for Miami in March and is perfect if you want a 3 day excursion that takes you over to the Bahamas.

4-Night Bahamas Cruise from Miami (Carnival)

Going over to the Bahamas is a brilliant option if you are sailing over from Miami. Miami is a hot spot for cruise options to the Bahamas and also presents an amazing opportunity for students to enjoy their Spring Break to the full. This 4-night cruise will sail off from Miami on the Carnival Conquest. Starting on 5th March, 2020, the trip will see you go across Half Moon Cay and Nassau for an exhilarating experience. The trip is available for just over $300 per person with an interior cabin. The Carnival Conquest is one of Carnival’s older ships, but you wouldn’t even notice because it has been maintained well and you might not even get time from your partying to care about how old the ship is.

3-Night Bahamas Cruise from Port Canaveral (Royal Caribbean)

Royal Caribbean is one of the more exquisite and royal cruises around, which is why the cruise is marked at a significantly higher rates than others. The experience will be worth it, considering that you get the opportunity of a lifetime to travel like royalty in a ship that has been made to perfection. For $456 per person in the interior cabin, we believe that the cruise has a lot to offer. The cruise takes you over to Nassau, before heading to CocoCay, which is a private island for the Royal Caribbean cruise company. The cruise sails out from Port Canaveral on March 13, which is the peak time of Spring Break for partying and enjoying. However, you can also sail on this specific cruise on March 6 for the same effective price.

8-Night Bahamas Cruise from Baltimore (Royal Caribbean)

Not many people consider Baltimore as a significant location for sailing out on a cruise. But many people also do not consider the crazy cheap rates that you can get from sailing out through Baltimore, that too on one of the most luxurious carriers. With rates of only $548 for an eight-night cruise, this cruise brings your per night cost to less than $70 during the peak season for your Spring Break. Departing from Baltimore on March 27, you will sail across Nassau, CocoCay island, Port Canaveral and Charleston before coming home. The Grandeur of the Seas will be your ship for the event.

These are just some of the best college cruises students can enjoy this spring break. Beat the waves in the vacations and enjoy the summer sun on a cruise.

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