Cancun is party central for spring breakers. There are nine hot party places not including the beach parties, the street parties – oh heck Cancun is one big party scene!


Party Scenes in CancunYou should really consider getting the Party Pack which allows you free access (no cover charge) to eight of the hottest clubs, open bar, express entry, and a reserved area for you and your friends (according to the season). So let’s take a look at a few of the hottest clubs for spring breakers in Cancun.


The City

The City is the biggest night club in all of Latin America. That’s a lot of party room! It has three levels and fits 6,000 people. The City offers music, drinks, foam parties, concerts, light shows and so much more. This club is a favorite for spring breakers!


Señor Frogs

Another ultimate party spot, during the day you can grab a bite to eat and after the sun goes down you can party the night away. This club offers daily DJs, live bands, karaoke, contests and possibly best of all, a slide that leads from the building into the lagoon.



It is well known for its luxury and disco music. This club prides itself in being the trendiest of clubs and makes every night a true Cancun party night spring breakers won’t soon forget.



Dady’O is another top rated club for spring breakers. They can accommodate a few thousand partiers at a time. It isn’t your usual club, being a mystic and exotic cavern. Spring breakers can dance, drink, enjoy the light shows, and enjoy the best music played by some of the best DJs in Cancun.


Regardless of the club you choose to drink, dance, and enjoy the night at, you’ll have an awesome time in Cancun. Contact us for more information on the clubs or our Party Pack.

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