Exploring the beaches of Punta Cana will give you an experience like no other, but when you’re ready to discover more of what the nation has to offer, you won’t be let down either.  From the food to culture of Punta Cana, the country offers unforgettable experiences around every corner.  Let’s explore a little bit so that you will be prepared for a great Spring Break experience.



culture of punta cana - softritoCommon preparations include meat simmered in a tomato based sauce.  Most often this will include sofrito which is a mixture of garlic and onions that is seasoned with cilantro and oregano.  Every restaurant will have their own variation on this dish so try them all!  Often the meat is accompanied with white rice and a small green salad.  Fried ripe or green plantains are often used as an accompaniment to every meal.  Mofongo is another treat that every visitor to the Caribbean should try.  This consists of plantains that have been crushed using a mortar and pestle and mixed with garlic and spices in a special connical mold.  Sometimes, the insides are filled with seafood, beef, chicken or vegetables.



culture of punta cana - cultureThe culture of the Caribbean is extremely diverse and represents a mix of European, African and native Taino populations.  This has created a culture that is very warm and welcoming.  Be prepared to meet people who will become lifelong friends be they from the Dominican Republic or other nations around the world.  Warm people and a “go slow” attitude will give you the opportunity to unwind and truly get to know the people that you meet on your journey.


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