Go Blue stepped out of the office for an exciting trip to Punta Cana! For 3 days we spent our time making sure everything was going smoothly for Spring Break 2019. Punta Cana is very popular in fact, one of the most popular destinations for this year’s Spring Break. We had to make sure we delivered our Spring Breakers nothing but the best. We made sure everything was up to date. From seeing a lot of hotels, lively nightclubs, and my personal favorite, the Booze Cruise.

The Booze Cruise has been a big hit for our other destinations, so it was only right to experience first hand what the Booze Cruise in Punta Cana would be like…and it was fun! Once we arrived to the excursions in Playa Bibijagya, we got off the van and headed straight to a jet boat which probably fit a good 15 of us. After about 5 minutes, we arrived to the boat and started the Booze Cruise. The boat was pretty roomy and it fit probably about 100 people at max. The first thing they handed us was an iced cold Presidente (Dominican beer.) Talk about hospitality! This Beer is definitely a must-have if you’re ever in Punta Cana. It will most likely become your beer of choice, guaranteed!

On the boat, it was just the Go Blue team and the staff from the Booze Cruise, and let me tell you…they know how to party! We couldn’t have asked for a better turn up crew on this Booze Cruise. Every time they saw our cups half empty, they were already making us another drink. I really couldn’t tell you how much Brugal (Dominican rum) I had on that booze cruise! The staff made us feel right at home and the entire night was amazing. We were dancing Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, you name it. We were getting down! Being on the boat was breathtaking, the water was turquoise and the further in you went, the water kept becoming clearer. It was actually my first time seeing the Caribbean sea and it was more than what I expected it to be.
Once we got closer to shallow water, we were able to slide down the water slide and dip right into the warm sea. This was actually my favorite part; once we got into the water we had one of the workers pull up in the water with a portable floating bar so we could continue drinking while being in the water! Talk about great service! Overall, the staff did their very best to show everyone a great time. I very much recommend a booze cruise to anyone interested. What better way to have fun while you’re drinking?!

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