Cancun, Mexico is known for it’s world famous nightlife and during Spring Break, it gets kicked up a notch. There will be thousands of college and high school students hitting the clubs every night and they will be treated to some of the a most unbelievable parties with some of the latest top notch entertainment. In years past, artists such as Akon, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Avicii, DJ AM, and deadmau5 have hit the stages in Cancun. Contact us to find out what artists will be there during your trip.

Dady'O CancunSo how do you go and what does it cost? This is where Cancun Spring Break 2020 Party Packages come in. Purchasing these packages will save you time and money. When you go to a club, there will be 2 lines. Line 1 is for people who have purchased a party pack and have a ticket for that party. That line moves fast. Line 2 is for people who want to pay the cover charge. That line moves real slow. Cover charges will range from $65 to over $100, based on the club and the event. These parties are open bar on the inside for all people there.

Cancun's World Famous NightlifeThere are a lot of party packages out there. Most will have a set schedule, so you will have to go to a certain club each night. Some people don’t like this because of the lack of flexibility and if you buy a party pack that isn’t popular, you’ll end up in an empty club every night. Go Blue Tours offers a party package that provides you with the flexibility to go where you want when you want. Let’s say you meet someone at the pool one day, find out they are going to Coco Bongo that night, then you can go. Things don’t go well that night and you know they are going to Senor Frogs the next night, you can go to The City of Dady’O or elsewhere.

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