The semester is over and you know what this means; an end to all the essays, quizzes and end-term papers that were stressing you out. This also paves way for spring break and all the fun activities such as hiking and fun at the beach. However, before you take off in excitement, there is the need to carry out a complete spring break packing list. Here is a guide to the kind of things to include in your packing list:

These are the things that you mustn’t leave at all costs. These include your cell phone, ID, medication, portable charger, travel tickets and tickets to any events you may be attending as well as some snacks.

Ensure you include several swim suits, tank tops or tees, a sweatshirt or sweater (just in case it gets chilly at the beach), some jeans, sneakers, flip flops, sandals, cheap jewelry and underwear.

While you should steer off from bringing the whole of your medicine cabinet, you should strive to bring along with you some deodorant, floss, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, face wash, tissue and a toothbrush.

Nothing trumps a great spring break like a pounding head or a hangover. Neither do you want your limbs sore after a hike or from your swimming and underwater escapades. As such, have a bottle of Advil so as to reduce body inflammation and headaches.

Spring break means you’ll be spending most of your time in the outdoors and thus an encounter with the number one enemy of the outdoors: the sun. For that reason carry sunscreen. SPF 15 has the capability of blocking out 93% of UVB rays. Also don’t forget to apply after every two hours.

Spring break calls for visiting places that are not only exciting but that will help you unwind. Check out all the awesome places we can help organize a trip for your spring break and then contact us.

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