Domestic vs InternationalWhen students are considering where to travel for their Spring Break adventure, there are a wide variety of options to choose from; however, the first decision that every student will need to make is whether or not they want to stay domestic or travel abroad. This is a big decision with a few notable important differences. Some of the domestic vs international differences have been highlighted below.


A Passport is Required

The biggest difference is often taken for granted and gets overlooked. To leave the country and return to the United States, every student will need to possess a valid passport. An international adventure is undoubtedly the highlight of many people’s years; however, please note that it can take a few weeks for the passport to arrive. Plan ahead to avoid scrambling at the last minute!


International Destinations have a Lower Drinking Age

It goes without saying that most students in college are going to drink despite the fact that the drinking age in the United States is 21. The drinking age in some of the most popular international destinations, such as Mexico and the Bahamas, is 18. Therefore, almost everyone who is of college age in the United States will be allowed to drink during an international vacation. Take advantage of this opportunity!


International Destinations offer All-Inclusive Trips

Many international destinations to popular locations within Mexico and the Bahamas offer all-inclusive trips. This can make it substantially easier to plan an international adventure with a few friends if there is only one price to pay. Furthermore, many students can eat and drink their fill at these all-inclusive resorts and make the price tag worth it. Seize the opportunity to experience another culture while on Spring Break by taking advantage of an all-inclusive trip to an international hotspot!


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