Experience Whale Shark Diving in Mexico!

For those of you looking for an adventure of a lifetime, something you can tell your friends, kids, and grand kids about, look no further than shark diving in mexico. Whether you are out to obliterate that phobia or really take adventure to the absolute next level here is the experience that few other experiences can really beat.

Whale Sharks, and the majestic beauty of the under water can be found at Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula year round diving and incredible visibility 20-30m and warm waters 26-30 degrees celsius. You are sure to enjoy this underwater adventure. Whale sharks who have been known as the gentle giant of the underwater will grace the waters in numbers during the warmer summer months. These gentle giants who range in size up to (50F)  only seem scary to those unfamiliar with the beauty of their size and disposition. They are known for appearing in the warm months when they come to feed on rich plankton. Seeing them up close is a real treat, and with incredibly good visibility and a warm climate this will be an experience that can comfortably last for a while. If you enjoy snorkeling you can have that opportunity while seeing the whale sharks at touching distance, be sure to never bother the sharks. The excursions are particularly popular during warmer months so booking in advance is always advisable.

Another adventure location to get up close with the whale sharks is the Isla Holbox Adventure. The whale sharks are known on this island as Dominos. The expedition will take you out of Isla Holbox and into the middle of the calm ocean where you will be able to glimpse not one of these docile animals but many. Since they are common in this area you will have more than enough time to observe, take pictures of them and just enjoy the wonders of this simple giant. Tourism has increased significantly when it comes to the whale shark so be sure to call far in advance to book your boat adventure. Be sure when diving or snorkeling not to in any way provoke or upset the whale shark, they will never attack or try to defend themselves and for this reason we must show them the upmost of courtesy and respect.

Another excursion where you get to experience shark diving in Mexico is with Phantom Divers. Here you will get to dive, or snorkel up close with the gentle giants and get to see dolphins and other marine life too . Your equipment, fruit, sandwich, sodas waters and certified guide are all included in a very affordable package, making this ideal for those that want to take the family on a memorable adventure. For those with younger kids rest assured that when diving or snorkeling to see whale sharks you are up close with a calm and friendly whale that will have your kids talking for years about their close encounter with a huge yet friendly creature.

Regardless where you go, shark diving in Mexico is sure to be the vacation that lasts in your memory and in the memories of your loved ones for years to come. Make sure that you are given a certificate to remind you of your adventure. These simple pieces of paper can be equivalent to a medal of honor and display beautifully in your home for years of story telling and beautiful memories.

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