10 Surprising Facts about Cancun

10 Surprising Facts about Cancun

10 Surprising Facts about Cancun: The beautiful city of Cancun is located on the Yucatán Peninsula along the Caribbean Sea and it is composed of 2 main localities that are El Centro and Zona Hotelera. Rich in history and picturesque natural beauty, Cancun is a must-visit. Here is everything you should know about this splendid Island.

The meaning of Cancun

Cancun is a Mayan word that means ‘nest of snakes’. No need to worry as the island is safe and not densely populated with snakes.

The Sand won’t burn your feet

Surprisingly, the Cancun beaches are small and compact, stretching 14 miles along the coast only. The picturesque beaches are made of crushed coral so even in toasty weather, it won’t burn your feet so you can roam around easily.

Things to do in Cancun, Mexico

It used to be inhabited by 3 people

Till 1970, only three people used to live on the Island and took care of the coconut plants.AS the island became famous, it houses more than 70,000 people now. See Why It’s the #1 Spring Break Destination for the last 20+ Years

Underwater museum of Cancun

The underwater museum

Underwater museum of contemporary art (MUSA) is made of 500 life-size sculptures between Cancun, Mexico and Isla Mujeres. If Scuba diving or snorkeling is not your thing, hop on a boat with a glass bottom and enjoy the masterpieces.

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The great Maya barrier reef

After the great barrier reef, the Maya barrier reef is the second-largest offering kaleidoscopic marine life in perfect combination with the turquoise water.

The revenue generator

Despite being a brief island, Cancun generates 1/3rd of Mexico’s total tourism revenue.

Swim with sharks

10 Surprising Facts about Cancun: Enthusiastic swimmers can join sharks and whales between the months of May and September. They are harmless and offer a close adventurous interaction with nature.

The deepest waterholeCancun,mexico reef

Cancun houses several waterholes and the deepest of them is 134 miles long, which is also the deepest in the world.

Shaped like number 7

The island of Cancun is shaped like the number 7, so wherever you stay you will be able to view the ocean and the beaches.

Best time to visit Cancun

If you are planning to visit Cancun, make sure to book your tickets between November and April. The Island becomes a perfect holiday destination and hosts thousands of tourists.

March is also a great time to visit Cancun, Mexico if you are a college student!

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