You would most definitely want your next tourist destination to offer you a little bit of everything. From enjoying the exotic views of tranquil water to roaming around town in the night, every tourist wants to do a little bit of everything once in their ideal vacation spot.

The latest trend or the latest addition in this list of activities is that of gambling. Tourists from different locations gather in gambling spots across the word to try their luck at and enjoy the experience of gambling with strangers. Thus, the ideal location should now also have a bit of gambling to offer to tourists that come with numerous expectations.

Cancun, Mexico is one city which is famous for offering plenty of diverse experiences for all tourists. From seeping in the sun, to enjoying the night life and lying down on the beach, the city offered a complete mix to tourists. Tourists would throng the city every year for a chance of enjoying the best of both worlds; tranquil and hubbub.

Is There Gambling in Cancun?

Tourists heading to Cancun, Mexico a little over a few years ago had to do without gambling, because it wasn’t legal in the city. However, the recent wave of changes in Mexican laws governing gambling has meant that you can legally do gambling within the city of Cancun.

While the legal formalities don’t present an issue anymore, here are just some things you should check before heading for gambling in Cancun, Mexico:

Casinos in Cancun, Mexico

With your doubts over gambling in Mexico clear, you would now ask are there casinos in Cancun? Obviously since the ban on gambling was removed in 2010, we have seen an immense growth in the number of casinos within the city. The city of Cancun is now host to multiple casinos all decorated with a grand setting.

Here we mention the top casinos in Cancun you can head to for a grand time:

Playboy Cancun

This was the first hotel/casino to be opened under the brand name of Playboy. The Playboy Club Cancun offers an amazing casino experience and is located within the Temptation Resort and Spa. The casino has an upscale feel to it and not only attracts locals, but is also a top spot for tourists from across the globe. Visitors are required to pay a membership fee of around $18 before entering. There are real games and slots within the vicinity, which coupled with the Playboy bunnies in Latina style, will keep you engrossed.

Dubai Palace Casino

Dubai Palace Casino was built in 2010, and occupied the Home Depot spot in Cancun. The Dubai Palace Casino is the largest, grandest casino located within the city. The Casino has over 450 slots that include brands such as Nova Star, Williams and Bally. The VIP room has computerized slots and games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Texas Holdem. The whole experience is unique and fun to be part of.

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