Hacienda Experiences in the Yucatan

One of the most unique aspects of any trip whether you consciously realize it or not is the architecture. No matter where you visit, the history behind the restaurant you choose to have lunch in, or the hotel you are staying at all partake in the overall feel and culture of that city. The structure of each building tells a story and we find Mexico to be overpowered by historical buildings that tell stories going back hundreds of years. So before you hop on your flight to the Yucatan, we would like to point out the beautiful Mexican Haciendas. Haciendas originated in the 16th century where they were part of an economic system that produced meat and produce. Eventually, they became a symbol of wealth and sometimes cruelty. More recently, haciendas have been re-discovered and renovated into some outstandingly beautiful hotels, museums, or guest houses. So before you map out your customized trip, be sure to factor in one of the many haciendas that may be in your area like Hacienda Chichen, Hacienda Yunku, or maybe Hacienda Misne. Most likely there will be a Hacienda close to you while your visiting Mexico and we can reassure you that you will not be disappointed with these architectural beauties that can depict the culture of Mexico perfectly.

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