How to Get Ready for Spring BreakSpring Break vacations are great, and for many, it’s your first big trip out of the country without parents.  You want to enjoy your freedom full of new adventures, and a little planning can make your trip one you won’t forget for all the best reasons.  Here are some tips you don’t want to miss as you get ready for your Spring Break trip.


Travel Buddies

Choose travel buddies that will have your back.  The friends you can count on to watch out for you if this is your first time leaving the country.  You want people that won’t let someone take advantage of you, will not leave you to fend for yourself and help you out if you drink too much.


Travel Money

If you’re traveling out of the country, spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the foreign exchange for money.  Knowing the exchange rate and currency will help you stay within your budget, and you’ll be sure to receive the proper currency with an exchange.  Using a credit card is a good idea, but make sure you inform your bank before leaving, or it will be shut down after the first use.  Always make sure to carry some cash because not all places take credit cards and you’ll want single bills for tipping.


Travel Adventure

Make plans for things to do while you’re there, so you don’t end up sitting in the room.  A little homework will pay off to maximize your time away.  Many interesting and exciting adventures are easily arranged at your destination before you leave.


Travel Tidbits

Check your travel documents expiration dates.  Register with the US State Department if you’re leaving the country. Pack light if you’re planning a shopping spree and take lots of pictures.


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