What is Fall Break?

 Fall break For College Students

How to plan a Fall Break Trip For College Students: When the hot blaze of the summer months finally give way to the cooler season of fall, it is an ideal time for college students to enjoy a getaway. Around the middle to end of October, most colleges and universities allow students to enjoy a long weekend, about 3-4 days, free of studying and classwork. While it isn’t exactly a long summer break, the fall break is still the perfect breather for college students to unplug from their hectic day-to-day. But, with a short time frame and a college student’s budget, how do you pull together the perfect fall break trip?

When does Fall Break Start?

Every school’s calendar is different. Your fall break may land on a long weekend that is weeks away from your friend’s fall break. Before you rely on third-party information and plan a weekend trip around the wrong dates, double check your school’s calendar as soon as you can. This will provide you ample time to plan a relaxing getaway.

Why Fall Break?

While it is one of the shorter break periods, the fall break allows you to refresh your mind and body. It is also a wonderful mid-semester reason to get together with your friends and indulge in parties and make new memories. When it comes to prices, since this is a time frame that is outside of popular vacationing periods, you will notice your money stretching much further which is music to a college student’s ears.


Fall Break Trips for college students

Planning is everything when it comes to finding the best deals and creating the fall break trip of your dreams. The sooner you start to pool your money amongst your friends and map out the when and where, the better off you will be. Setting up your plans early on will allow you to snag the best deals, low prices, extra inclusion perks, and even access to some payment plans.

Top Fall Break destinations#1 fall break destination pcb

When it comes to picking the best destination, you definitely want to consider what you are looking for when it comes to your mini vacay. If you like warm weather, long stretches of sandy beaches, and swim up bars, then the popular and affordable Panama City Beach will fit the bill. If your crew is more into diving into the partying scene and filling their nights with unforgettable nights that they’ll never forget, then Las Vegas is another sunny option that might work.

Tips On Planning a Fall Break With Your Friends

Once you’ve gathered all of your friends and you’ve all chosen the best destination for your fall break, make it your mission to sniff out group discounts. As the person organizing the trip, these discounts will really come in handy as you collect the money from others and front the payments ahead of time. Whether you’re heading to the crystal blue waters of the Panama City Beach or the dusty party city that is Las Vegas, it is important to set up the trip in a way that allows you to make payments and deposits. This way, you and your friends can chip away at the overall cost of the trip without feeling overwhelmed. When it comes to booking your flights, head to Expedia or Orbitz for rates that are affordable, when booked early.

Tips on Planning a fall breakParty on a budget 

Before you and your party crew actually land, try to figure out a few budget-friendly places to party. College students are on a budget but that doesn’t mean you all can’t have an amazing time. Take some time to search places that locals tend to go to in order to avoid cranked up entry fees. Splurging on one popular, touristy bar and sprinkling in a few local spots can help you make the most of your partying budget. 

Create a Bucket List with your Friends

How to plan a Fall Break Trip For College Students: You can make the most of your trip by coming up with a must-do bucket list. From hitting the strip in Las Vegas to drinking Mai Tais on the beach, a bucket list will ensure that you have a blast on your trip.


The fall break from college is an excellent time to gather up your crew to take a mini-vacation from all of the hustle and bustle of school. These steps will help you plan and enjoy an exciting and affordable trip.

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