How to stay warm during the winter: 3 easy tips

Oh, winter! It’s so cold—how will you make it until Spring break, when you can enjoy beach weather? Well, there are ways to make sure that you make it through the next few months. Here’s 3 easy ways to stay warm during the winter.

  1. Bundle up! If you’re battling really cold weather (like, freezing), be sure to wear warm gloves, a muffler, warm socks, and a hat. Science shows us that people lose a lot of their body heat through the extremities, like your hands, head, and feet. Your throat is a delicate area and feels the cold. So don’t think a coat is enough; it’s not. And the coat? Wool or down is the warmest.
  2. Wear the warmest clothing possible. Look at the labels as you buy gloves, mufflers, hats, and socks. Acrylic fibers give you no warmth at all, so the protection from cold is not optimal. You want natural fibers: wool is very warm. That’s why mufflers, socks, and gloves made of wool are the warmest. Natural fibers such as cotton and silk are also warmer than acrylics.
  3. When you’re inside, think about layers. Are you cold even in the dorm or your apartment? You may be if somebody else controls the heat or you feel cold more severely than your roommates. You’ll be warmer if you wear layers. Never leave your feet without warm wool socks. Think raglan or cashmere. Just like outside, you lose body heat through the extremities, so warm socks will heat you up. Then, think layers. Silk t-shirts to go under your clothes are great for winter. In fact, there’s a whole line of clothing called Winter Silks that is worth checking out.

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