Yes, there’s a party over in Cancun! But when the nightclubs close down and you wake up ready for something new, check out the mexican food found on the Yucatan peninsula that you just can’t find at your favorite taco shop back home.  It’s time to explore some new flavors while enjoying your Spring Break.


Panuchos - mexican foodPanuchos

While it looks like a taco, the seasoning is a little different.  Stuff a corn tortilla with shredded chicken or pork seasoned with orange and salt, fry it then add some chopped onion, carrot and the signature colorado sauce.  The colorado sauce is a local blend of chile, pipian and anchiote adding a unique savory, not too spicy, flavor to any dish.


Kibis - mexican foodKibis

These are great beach food! A local vendor may be wandering around with a glass box calling out, “Kibi!” Ground beef or pork and mashed wheat are combined with garlic, onion and spearmint and rolled up in an easy-to-hold shape then fried. Simple, local flavors designed for a grab-and-go lunch while playing in the sand.


Cochinita Pibil

Cochinita Pibil - mexican foodAnd you thought you would only find pulled pork back home.  A large cut of pork is wrapped in banana leaves then slow roasted in an oven until the meat falls apart.  Now it gets interesting.  Once the meat is pulled, replace the bottle of BBQ sauce with a blend of sour orange juice, salt and habanero.  Spicy, sweet and sour.  It’s pulled pork paradise!


Papadzules - mexican foodPapadzules

These are not your ordinary chile rellenos.  The corn tortillas are soaked in a pumpkin seed sauce, filled with egg, then drowned in a super spicy tomato sauce of habanero and onion.  If you want to challenge your friends to a eat n’ heat contest, the papadzules will fit the bill.


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