Planning your High School Senior Trip in Style: Once your final exams are completed, diplomas have been distributed and you’ve committed to your ideal school the only thing left to do is celebrate! What better way to do so than to book a flight, pack your bags, and hit one of our top destinations for graduation trips. You’re probably wondering when the best time to start planning your trip would be.

When it comes to planning a trip it’s always good to be prepared and know your options especially when you are communicating with a large group of people. We recommend starting to gather ideas, price quotes and get your trip paid for no later than 3 months prior to travel and as early as 6-9 months prior. The longer you wait the more expensive your trip could be. It’s also nice to have the research done and your payments in early so you can put your worries to rest and spend your time getting excited about the big trip.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Your timeline and checklist should look a little something like this:

Call us for information on our trips

Pick your destination

Decide when you want to travel

Get your group on board & book

Make sure your passport is up to date

Back your bags

Time to celebrate!

Grad Trips

Your initial call with us will help you to understand where we operate trips, go over dates & availability as well as budget and flight options. Once you’ve gathered all of the information and sent it out to the group you’ll be able to pick a destination and solidify dates of travel. Depending on how early you book your trip you can opt into our payment plan. Your agent will be in touch with you as often as needed to help answer any questions you may have prior to your departure date. Make sure your passports are up to date, bags are backed, print your boarding passes and you are all set to jet! 


Congratulations, senior! (or proud parent)

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