Puerto Escondido, which means “hidden port” in English, is located deep in Mexico’s South in Oaxaca. It is one of the main attractions in the region, drawing in both domestic and international tourists. Overall, the town’s waterfront steals the show the Zicatela Beach’s perfect waves summoning adventurous surfers, while its calmer shores and lagoons appeal to young families and fishermen. Puerto Escondido is centralized around the “Bay of the hidden woman”, or the Bahia de la Escondida, based on the legend of a female captive who broke free from a pirate ship and hid in this bay, never to be found again.


Puerto Escondido 1Today the town of Puerto Escondido is far from hidden due to its reputation for being a town that appeals to just about anyone. Its gorgeous blue waters cool tourists off from the hot equatorial sun while the town itself has many shopping, dining, and nightlife options. By day, the beaches are the main destination for locals and tourists who are looking to get away from it all.


Puerto Escondido 2By night, Puerto Escondido’s streets illuminate with the buzzing energy of its vibrant club scene. Taking a walk down these blocks lit only by streetlights, you will hear the cool night air carry the sound ambient music from nightclubs toward you. How you enjoy this town is up to you. You can take it easy at an outdoor ice cream shop after eating out with some friends or hop on by the many bars and nightclubs for an exhilarating night of drinking and dancing.


Puerto Escondido 3As far as shopping goes, there is an endless amount of handmade crafts from the locals for sale like handwoven hammocks, embroidered blouses, colorful pottery, carved figurines. The open market at night is not to be missed either, with an entire section blocked off to traffic where you can buy rare items you won’t find anywhere else in Mexico.


If you are looking for a place in Mexico that has the right amount of serenity while offering to a ton of excitement, then Puerto Escondido is definitely worth a visit. Contact us to start planning your vacation.

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