The Riu Santa Fe 2023


Now the whole strip is so popular that it is the best college spring break destination for 2023. If you want unbelievable views, non-stop parties, stocked mini-bars, and hot college guys and girls going absolutely wild – the Santa Fe Spring Break is your place to be. The drinking age in Cabo San Lucas is 18 so if you are 18, you’re not just going to be having free access to mini-bars, you’re going to be getting shitfaced with all the liquor dispensers!

There are going to be sexy pool parties, a swim-up bar, DJ Booth, entertainment stage and just wait until we tell you all about the scheduled 4 themed parties every week. You could say Santa Fe is practically begging you to spend your Spring Break with them.



White Party

The White Party is all about partying like a Greek God. It’s the first party of the week and the organizers transform the pool into something that will make you feel like you landed on a Santorini beach. Your clothes have to be white, the drinks will be bottomless, and the songs will revolve around the 70’s, 80’s 90’s vibes. Think Dionysus dancing to an Earth, Wind and Fire playlist.


Jungle Party


This is one of the sexiest events for sure. It’s your wildest dreams coming true in front of you, and on a scale that you never fathomed. On Tuesdays, you bring your wild side out at the Jungle Party. The pool is laden with animal prints and thick vines. It’s as if Tarzan won the lottery and this is his celebration party. Dance heartedly to the beat of the craziest Reggaeton House, Electropop, and Latin House music.


Neon Party


Definitely the most picturesque event of them all! You will never see more neon in your life than you will in this party. Friday night is for the Neon Party. There are professional entertainers that take the crowd into a different world with their spectacular performances. Neon lights illuminate the pool, the walls, the decorations, and the neon bikinis and shorts are a breathtaking sight. It’s probably something of a dream out of Travis Scott’s mind.


Pink Party


The Pink Party one is a softer vibe to a whole week of maddening music and parties. The pool party is laden with a pink tinge and it really puts you into a mood. The Santa Fe Spring Break is reaching its end so enjoy all the cocktails you’ve been eyeing and jam to the funky music.


The parties are so hyped and note-worthy that Santa Fe added 300 new rooms, a grand water park, and a handful of amazing restaurants. If you feel like going beyond the resort grounds, you’re going to be welcomed by Cabo’s wildest clubs and bars.

 If you and your friends make a plan about going here then contact us at Go Blue Tours and get our all-inclusive Cabo package. Dance with thousands of co-eds, slurp on cold cocktails, learn new dance moves in the hot nightclubs, hear the kind of music that’s going to put your brain in a frenzy, and enjoy party after party.

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