The things that college students do for Spring Break are immeasurable. From skipping out on an exam to selling a few pints of blood, nothing is beyond the grasp of the young adult who is determined to have an unforgettable time right before the semester ends. While the definition of a “good time” is subjective, getting to that dream vacation spot is mainly a matter of funds. Here are five side jobs to earn extra cash for Spring Break while staying on top of class schedules and extracurricular activities.


1. Sell goods online

Many college students do not realize the gold mine that is their childhood toys and graduation gifts. Mom, dad, and other family members may have given them out of the goodness of their hearts, but selling idle items on sites like eBay and Amazon is the quickest way for college students to earn money for Spring Break.


2. Complete online surveys

They may not pay much, but every bit helps when you are trying to visit a place like Cancun, Mexico, where the resorts are beautiful and the beaches are even prettier. One $10 survey can turn into 100 with due diligence.


3. Do a bit of walking and sitting

The first thing that college students go for is babysitting when they need extra cash, but pet sitting can prove more profitable. Walking ten dogs from ten different clients and charging every owner $100 for your time puts $1,000 in your pocket for the day. You would need to babysit the kids every day for at least two weeks to earn such wages in a traditional nanny role.


4. Become an extra

Directors will gladly pay upwards of $300 for your time if you agree to serve as a human prop in their films. The best part about being a movie extra is that there are usually no speaking roles. You may even be one of the lucky ones to get paid for having your back to the camera the whole time!


Cancun and other vacation spots are calling your name. Do not be one of the unfortunate ones unable to answer because of financial constraints. Find ways to make money for Spring Break now so that you can bask in the benefits of your hard work later.


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