Sororities: Tips for Planning Your Chapter's Spring Break

Planning a Spring break with your sorority is a great way to bond with your sisters, to party with people you already know and like (and to increase that network!), and to spread the news about how awesome your chapter is. Here are a few tips about how to make sure it’s the awesome-est.

Girls at bar in Cabo

First, put a committee together to plan. They should survey the house to find out 1) how many people want to go and 2) what their favorite activities would be (party, swim, snorkel, hang at the beach…you name it). After you’ve got the info, you’ll all know the plot coordinates for your locale. One-third want to snorkel? There’s got to be some ocean that’s good for that. Four-fifths want a beach and a party? Make sure you don’t go to a quiet and secluded place.

girls on boat in punta cana

A separate subcommittee could research the , and so forth. If your sorority has done this in the past, make sure that they get the opinions of people who went, even if they’ve graduated. It’s nice to start a tradition. It’s also nice to avoid a place that was too loud or too crowded.

Next, unify your group behind the idea by creating a sorority hashtag that’s specifically for your Spring Break. It’s a great way to get publicity for your chapter by showing the sisters bonding. A hashtag like #SBWednesday can be used when posting the selfies and group shots from the sorority’s Cancun tour. Be sure, of course, that pictures are appropriate and add to the reputation of your chapter.

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