When is your Spring Break is in 2021

when is spirng break 2021

Spring Break 2021

What Is My Spring Break Date? That’s probably the first thing you should figure out when planning a Spring Break vacation. If you get your Spring Break dates incorrect, you’ll still have a great time on the trip. When you get back to school however and are locked out of the dorms, the reality of your epic screw-up will hit you.

When does spring break start?

Don’t get your Spring Break Dates wrong!!! Now, for some reason trying to find your Spring Break date proves to be very difficult for some schools, hiding under subheadings and never quite giving you the right year that you need. Have no fear! We’ve done the work and scoured the internet and have compiled a list of major colleges and university Spring Break dates for you. 

Now that you know your dates, are you looking to plan a trip with your friends?

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Spring Break 2021 Dates for Colleges

Name of the Institute Spring Break Date 2021
Gulf Coast State College 3/3/2021
Northern Arizona University 3/6/2021
Colorado State University 3/6/2021
University of Hartford 3/6/2021
Stetson University 3/6/2021
Middle Georgia State 3/6/2021
University of West Georgia 3/6/2021
Buena Vista University 3/6/2021
Clarke University 3/6/2021
Wheaton College 3/6/2021
Bradley University 3/6/2021
Hastings College 3/6/2021
University of New Hampshire 3/6/2021
Stockton University 3/6/2021
Wagner College 3/6/2021
University of Dayton 3/6/2021
Notre Dame College 3/6/2021
Denison University 3/6/2021
Oklahoma Baptist University 3/6/2021
University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus 3/6/2021
Millersville University of Pennsylvania 3/6/2021
Allegheny College 3/6/2021
College of Charleston 3/6/2021
Southern Methodist University 3/6/2021
Utah Valley University 3/6/2021
Emory & Henry College 3/6/2021
Virginia Wesleyan College 3/6/2021
Carroll University 3/6/2021
Colorado College 3/11/2021
University of Alabama 3/13/2021
Alabama State University 3/13/2021
Faulkner University 3/13/2021
University of Southern California 3/13/2021
Whittier College 3/13/2021
Western State Colorado University 3/13/2021
Eastern Connecticut State University 3/13/2021
Trinity College 3/13/2021
University of Connecticut at Storrs 3/13/2021
Central Connecticut State University 3/13/2021
Southern Connecticut State University 3/13/2021
University of New Haven 3/13/2021
Western Connecticut State University 3/13/2021
Gallaudet University 3/13/2021
Rollins College 3/13/2021
University of South Florida 3/13/2021
University of North Florida 3/13/2021
Florida State University 3/13/2021
Agnes Scott College 3/13/2021
Georgia State University 3/13/2021
Georgia Southern University 3/13/2021
University of Hawaii 3/13/2021
Grand View University 3/13/2021
Iowa State University 3/13/2021
University of Iowa 3/13/2021
University of Northern Iowa 3/13/2021
Eastern Illinois University 3/13/2021
Northeastern Illinois University 3/13/2021
Indiana University Bloomington 3/13/2021
Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis 3/13/2021
Purdue University 3/13/2021
Manchester University 3/13/2021
Baker University 3/13/2021
University of Kentucky 3/13/2021
Morehead State University 3/13/2021
Murray State University 3/13/2021
Asbury University 3/13/2021
Amherst College 3/13/2021
Endicott College 3/13/2021
Hampshire College 3/13/2021
Harvard University 3/13/2021
Lasell College 3/13/2021
Mount Holyoke College 3/13/2021
Smith College 3/13/2021
University of Massachusetts-Amherst 3/13/2021
Babson College 3/13/2021
Tufts University 3/13/2021
Western New England University 3/13/2021
Worcester State University 3/13/2021
Berklee College of Music 3/13/2021
Framingham State University 3/13/2021
Salem State University 3/13/2021
Goucher College 3/13/2021
University of Maryland-College Park 3/13/2021
University of Maryland–Baltimore County 3/13/2021
Morgan State University 3/13/2021
Frostburg State University 3/13/2021
Towson University 3/13/2021
University of Maine 3/13/2021
University of New England 3/13/2021
University of Southern Maine 3/13/2021
Saint Paul’s College 3/13/2021
Drury University 3/13/2021
Southeast Missouri State University 3/13/2021
University of Southern Mississippi 3/13/2021
Montana State University 3/13/2021
University of Montana 3/13/2021
Elon University 3/13/2021
Mayville State University 3/13/2021
North Dakota State University 3/13/2021
University of North Dakota 3/13/2021
Keene State College 3/13/2021
College of New Jersey 3/13/2021
Monmouth University 3/13/2021
New Jersey Institute of Technology 3/13/2021
Ramapo College of New Jersey 3/13/2021
Rowan University 3/13/2021
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 3/13/2021
Stevens Institute of Technology 3/13/2021
William Paterson University 3/13/2021
Princeton University 3/13/2021
Rider University 3/13/2021
University of Nevada–Las Vegas 3/13/2021
University of Nevada–Reno 3/13/2021
Niagara University 3/13/2021
Colgate University 3/13/2021
Columbia University 3/13/2021
Hamilton College 3/13/2021
Iona College 3/13/2021
Marist College 3/13/2021
New York University 3/13/2021
SUNY College at Geneseo 3/13/2021
SUNY College at Oswego 3/13/2021
SUNY Cortland 3/13/2021
SUNY Plattsburgh 3/13/2021
Syracuse University 3/13/2021
Clarkson University 3/13/2021
Farmingdale State College 3/13/2021
SUNY New Paltz 3/13/2021
University at Buffalo 3/13/2021
Fordham University 3/13/2021
Union College 3/13/2021
Manhattan College 3/13/2021
Mount Saint Mary College 3/13/2021
University at Albany 3/13/2021
Pace University 3/13/2021
University of Cincinnati 3/13/2021
Northern Oklahoma College 3/13/2021
Oral Roberts University 3/13/2021
Southwestern Oklahoma State University 3/13/2021
University of Central Oklahoma 3/13/2021
University of Oklahoma 3/13/2021
University of Tulsa 3/13/2021
Northwestern Oklahoma State University 3/13/2021
Oklahoma Christian University 3/13/2021
Oklahoma State University 3/13/2021
Southeastern Oklahoma State University 3/13/2021
La Salle University 3/13/2021
Albright College 3/13/2021
Bucknell University 3/13/2021
Lafayette College 3/13/2021
University of Scranton 3/13/2021
Salve Regina University 3/13/2021
New England Institute of Technology 3/13/2021
Clemson University 3/13/2021
East Tennessee State University 3/13/2021
Bethel University 3/13/2021
Midwestern State University 3/13/2021
Saint Edward’s University 3/13/2021
Southwestern University 3/13/2021
Texas State University 3/13/2021
University of Texas at Austin 3/13/2021
Rice University 3/13/2021
Southern Utah University 3/13/2021
George Washington University–Virginia Campus 3/13/2021
Saint Michael’s College 3/13/2021
West Virginia University 3/13/2021
Shepherd University 3/13/2021
University of Wyoming 3/13/2021
Henderson State University 3/20/2021
Eckerd College 3/20/2021
Grinnell College 3/20/2021
University of Idaho 3/20/2021
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign 3/20/2021
Lesley University 3/20/2021
Johns Hopkins University 3/20/2021
University of Central Missouri 3/20/2021
Dickinson State University 3/20/2021
Franklin Pierce University 3/20/2021
Hofstra University 3/20/2021
Bowling Green State University 3/20/2021
Eastern Washington University 3/20/2021
Washington State University 3/20/2021
West Virginia State University 3/20/2021
Missouri University of Science and Technology 3/27/2021
College of Mount Saint Vincent 3/27/2021
University of Wisconsin 3/27/2021
Glenville State College 3/27/2021
Canisius College 4/3/2021

Spring Break 2021

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