How to Have a Great Spring Break with Fraternities

If you think parties in fraternities are fun, wait until it’s all week long on Spring break. You will be creating memories to last a lifetime, along with soaking up sun, libations, and lovelies.

That said, there are ways you can plan to ensure it’s the best Spring break you’ll ever have.

  • First, plan some friendly competition. It’s the best way to bond a group of guys, let’s face it. How about beach volleyball? Beach racing? Body surfing? Even drinking. It could be anything, though; if guys are into golf, most Spring break resorts have links. Build this in as something you’ll do on the trip, with teams.
  • Second, do something memorable. It could be something extreme, like booking a zip line tour. (Racketing around mountains on a wire is exhilarating.) It could be staying up all night and having fun (the first night, the last night, or all of them). It could be driving to a pristine beach and snorkeling for the first time. It could be learning to surf. It could be getting into the water just as the sun rises. Spring break should be memorable, and will be. Help it be way memorable by planning what it will be and researching it beforehand with your fraternity brothers.)
  • Third, build the renown of your trip by taking a gazillion pictures and posting them EVERYWHERE. It builds the reputation of your chapter and underscores the bonding of the experience if there are defined, sharable spaces in which the, ahem, historical record exists. Make your hashtag, like #TauBrosSB.

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