Start planning for Spring break 2017 now? Yes.

Although Spring break 2016 is still a couple of months away, it’s far from too early to start planning for Spring break 2017. Honest. It may seem like light years away, but it’s not. Plus, there are many advantages to planning now.

First, it gives you plenty of time to plan. If you wait too long to make your Spring break reservations, you could 1) find your top picks are already sold out; 2) find out you don’t have quite enough money for the top pick that has some room; 3) feel incredibly rushed making last-minute plans rather than happy and excited; and 4) choose your spot (because of the rush) as if you’re throwing darts at a dartboard.

Not that dart-throwing is a bad thing. But part of the fun of a vacation can be planning. Do you want Cabo? Puerta Vallarta? Punta Cana? Cancun? Go Blue Tours has great packages to all these places, so you can take your time to browse the options and pick your absolute favorite. And be assured of a reservation.

Second, it gives you plenty of time to prudently save the money. Deciding to go on Spring break a few months before it happens might mean you have to institute emergency saving procedures! No barista coffee for 6 months, say, or no going to restaurants.

Why suffer? If you have 16 months, you can be the best money manager you can be. Draw up a plan and divide it by 15 or 16 so that the cost is reduced over the period of months you have left. Get a summer job that’s the most lucrative it can be. Target a budget; don’t let your budget target you.

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