Swimming with dolphins is an experience like no other. You’ll get to play and interact with some of the most intelligent, friendly creatures on the planet in an aquatic setting much like their natural habitat. The experience is not only fun and invigorating, but can be profoundly spiritual through the bond that is often created with these magnificent beings.


swimming with dolphins - dolphin artDolphins and humans have had a friendly relationship since ancient times. The Minoans depicted dolphins frequently in their art. The Greeks believed that the sight of dolphins swimming and playing in the wakes of their ships was a good omen.  They regarded dolphins as friends and helpers of humans. In the Middle Ages, dolphins were depicted as part of the arms of heraldry, though they were often mistakenly depicted as fish. In modern times, many cases of dolphins rescuing human swimmers in distress have been noted.

swimming with dolphins - dolphins vs humans


How intelligent are dolphins? Dolphins are known to have exhibited the capacity to teach, learn, socially interact, scheme, and even grieve. Some marine scientists believe that they even have self-awareness, a sign of human-level intelligence and the capacity for abstract thinking.


swimming with dolphins - places to goA number of places are available in and around Cancun that provide the swimming with the dolphins experience under the guide of expert trainers. The Dolphinaris is located next to Venture Park Cancun and the Wet’n Wild Water Park at the southern end of the hotel zone, accessible by a shuttle bus that has frequent stops. Delphinus has several locations in and near Cancun stretching to the Riviera Maya. Three of the locations are located in ecological parks. The Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujera is 20 minutes by boat from the Aquamarina in the Hotel Zone.


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