Everyone loves visiting Cancun and as far as popularity, it doesn’t get any bigger than this. Unfortunately, the popularity can also make Cancun a little expensive. This cost can be prohibitive for students and young professionals. If only there was a way to make this tropical getaway happen while not breaking the bank. Learn how to enjoy Cancun for cheap.


Enjoy Cancun for Cheap 1Many students and young professionals often overlook one of the most attractive ways to enjoy this vacation while actually making money. If you’re available for at least 3 weeks during the month of March, Go Blue may be willing to hire you. People who speak fluent Spanish can converse comfortably with many of the people we work with.


Enjoy Cancun for Cheap 2Many of the students think that because they don’t have any hotel experience they might be unable to get one of these jobs; however, this doesn’t mean they can’t help. As a Spring Break Host, you will be responsible for meeting and greeting all of the arrivals at the hotel and providing them with customer service, assisting at night to ensure customers with party packages know where to go and what to do, and overall being a friendly and helpful face to all Spring Breakers. If hired, we would cover your flight, hotel (all-inclusive, so your meals are covered), and a weekly pay based on your responsibilities and performance.


While this job is about the experience, it’s also a fantastic way to cut the costs of the vacation. Why not fly down to Cancun and work while having fun by the beach, pool, and clubs? If you’re interested, please email IWantToWork@GoBlueTours.com and let us know why we should consider you for this position or click here to learn more about it.

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