Top Hotels for Fall Break in Las Vegas 2020: Fall Break is still an excuse to hop on a plane with your friends and enjoy yourselves for an extra-long weekend in Las Vegas. We know it’s not as exciting as Spring Break but it still gives you the excuse to ditch your books and party it up at one of our top fall break destinations. With so many hotel options in Las Vegas, we narrowed down the options for two top hotels in Las Vegas for Fall Break 2020. These hotels are a great option for college students on a budget.



op Hotels for Fall Break in Las Vegas 2020: The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is very affordable for college students, It has 4 large pools and a lazy river, (you can never go wrong with a lazy river!) MGM is actually the third largest hotel in the world with lots of food options and night time activities.

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 Las Vegas hotels have a unique themed to them and the Luxor theme is Egypt. Hence why it’s shaped like a pyramid. The Luxor hotel is another great option for college students. Located at the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip  it has one of the largest pool deck in Las Vegas with 125,650 square-feet of space.

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