Traveler Spotlight : Bridget & the JMU Crew, Spring Break Cancun

JMU Spring Break Where did you go and why did you choose that location?: We stayed at the Oasis Cancun. A bunch of people from our school were going there for spring break also. Why did you choose Go Blue Tours for your Cancun Spring Break trip?: One huge advantage of booking with Go Blue Tours was great price. They were much cheaper than other Spring Break companies and private travel agents, which was how some of our friends booked the same resort. How many people were in your group? What advice do you have when planning a trip for so many people?: There were 27 people in our group. Definitely having one person in contact with the Go Blue rep is easiest to organize everything for such a large group. We organized everything via email and a Facebook group. Anything to add about your personal sales representative?: Our rep was very helpful and easy to work with! He answered all of my questions very quickly and was readily available to speak with anyone in the group and answer any questions they might have. He hooked it up with the cabana on our last day there — one of our favorite parts of the trip! What were some your best memories of the trip?: Being with all my friends in the sun on the beach. There was a 2-man live band playing music on the bus to the bars downtown and everyone was singing and dancing to “La Bamba”…it was an awesome time and we hadn’t even gotten to the clubs yet! The cabana at the Oasis on our last day there was a highlight for everyone! What advice do you have when planning a trip for so many people?: – Definitely go downtown to the clubs at least one night (and buy party packs beforehand). – Bring snacks to the resort. – Bring extra cash. – Write down your friends’ room numbers at check-in so you can call them on the room phones. – Buy alcohol at the duty-free shop in the airport and bring to the resort Spring Break Cancun JMU Spring Break Cancun JMU Spring Break Cancun JMU Let us know about your experience or get your Spring Break dates and reserve your trip for next year!

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