Traveler Spotlight : 9 Crazy Kiwis, Cancun Spring Break

Andy and his 8 crazy Kiwis on Spring Break in Cancun Spring Break Cancun Kiwis Spring Break Cancun Kiwis

Who were you traveling with on this Cancun Spring Break trip?:
8 Friends from university

Where were the top things you did?:
Party in Cancun! See Chichen Itza and some of the cenotes..a bit of real Mexico.

What was the best part about your vacation?:
The beach party at Oasis Cancun</a href>…hands down, it was epic!

Why did you choose Go Blue Tours?:
We found Go Blue Tours online after our initial booking fell through with a travel agent. Go Blue was extremely helpful and prompt in booking us a package at the last minute. I was extremely impressed with the attention given by our representative. He went the extra mile to help us out when we were in a sticky situation. We all really appreciated his efforts!

What are your favorite souvenirs you brought home?:
Good tequila and some awesome photos!

Tell us your favorite Spring Break story.:
There’s too many really and most of them will never ever be repeated, haha! We all made a heap of new friends along the way! It was such an awesome spot with everyone there to party, it was great that everyone was on a good vibe and just wanting to get loose!

What was your favorite bar/club/party? Why?:
The City..massive and always playing the best music.

What was your favorite Spring Break Cocktail?
Breakfast: Pina Colada (don’t eat, just top up with a cocktail)
Lunch: Superman (in the pool)
Dinner: Tequila body shots (at the beach party)

What advice do you have when planning a trip for so many people?:
– Have one person in contact with the sales rep, it makes life easier!
– With money, you can do anything in Mexico.
– Catch the bus, it’s good fun and way cheaper than a taxi.
– Take a GoPro and make a movie of your trip.
– Take a funnel (beer bong), a ball for the beach, 2 or 3 pairs of sunglasses.
– Take a book..and when your tipping back that first Pina Colada recollect the day before and document it. After 2 or 3 days you will have forgotten heaps of funny stuff that happened, so write it down and have a few laughs while you do it. When your old and your grand-kids think you didn’t know how to party, give them a copy of your diary and say “Beat that”!

Spring Break Cancun Kiwis Spring Break Cancun Kiwis Spring Break Cancun Kiwis

Spring Break Cancun Kiwis Spring Break Cancun Kiwis Spring Break Cancun Kiwis

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